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The Orlando Talk Show with Ross McCoy

Aug 17, 2020

The original intent of The Orlando Talk Show with Ross McCoy was to debunk the "Florida Man Myth".  The staff thought, if we really wanted to debunk the Florida Man Myth, we should go to the Florida Man that has met the Florida-est of Florida Men (and Florida Women).  

The one true expert on Florida Man (He wrote a book called "Naked Came the Florida Man") is Tim Dorsey.  Years of travel and research has given him a unique perspective on the subject.

There is a lot of topics covered, and it's just a fun romp through the appendix of America.  

And if you have a TOTS tat, send us a picture so we have a reason to put the website back up.

Special Thanks to the The Cryptographers for granting us permission to use their song "Florida Man" in this episode.

Check out the full song here: