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The Orlando Talk Show with Ross McCoy

Mar 1, 2024


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This is now Jacki writing the rest of the blog. Ross' guest is Roo Nafasat who is the creator/host/poweroflove behind the Silly Geese Comedy Show in Orlando. Let's see what they talked about:

  • Getting human interaction
  • First time doing comedy
  • The business of comedy
  • Learning from bombing
  • Loving the goose
  • Honking (not a horn, but like a goose)
  • Making powerpoints
  • Women in comedy
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Comedy audiences are 60% more women
  • Geese secrets
  • Percy Jackson
  • Golden Egg Trivia Team
  • Ross' new mood lighting (repeated topic)
  • Aliens & UFOs
  • New Segment: Wholesome Thing I Found on the Internet
  • Dr. Doom!
  • Corporate culture
  • Dog attack
  • Never send your food back
  • How to get fresh fries every time
  • Find Roo at


Virtual Moe!

Byrne Pest