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The Orlando Talk Show with Ross McCoy

Aug 20, 2022

Krista Spankick, the General Manager of the Orlando Improv gives secrets on getting booked at the Orlando Improv.

Tune in to hear the backroom secrets like:

  • How to get booked at the Improv
  • A list of things to do, and avoid to get the attention of comedy bookers
  • Advice for new comedians
  • The future of comedy clubs

We're going to take some time to sweep up the floor because we dropped so many names like...

  • Earthquake
  • Carmen Vallone
  • Preacher lawson
  • Ken Miller
  • Jiggy
  • Akeem Woods
  • Mitch Fatel
  • Cam Patterson
  • Mark Gagnon
  • Kermit Gonzalez
  • Pedro Lima
  • Danny Davenport
  • Gary Menke
  • Devin Seibold
  • Jaime Kennedy
  • Richy Leis
  • Dave Coulier
  • Joe Jacques
  • Camen Morales
  • Clay Robertson
  • Todd Glass
  • Bruce Bruce
  • Assistant Manager Miles
  • Will Smith
  • True Crime Obsessed Podcast
  • Ben Brainard
  • Bobby Lee
  • Robin Williams
  • Steve Martin

Jake Ricca, however, was not mentioned.