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The Orlando Talk Show with Ross McCoy

Mar 25, 2023

Yes, the photograph of the episode cover is many years old. All three of us have leveled up since then. 

However, this conversation is hot and fresh, like the best TOTS should be. 

Here's some of the stuff we discussed:

  • The Yellow Wallpaper
  • Moe DeWitt is giving away shit (going for the rhyme, not accuracy - Moe DeWitt is giving away high quality merch at random times)
  • An update on Logan, MIckey's 23 year old son, who needs a heart transplant
  • Logan's on Twitch!
  • Meeting another LVAD patient
  • Logan's pulse is almost non-existent
  • Fanny packs are back!
  • Michigan's weather is weird
  • Controlling the simulation
  • Feeding tubes are the worst (according to Logan)
  • Changing to a Tater Tot themed podcast
    • with dipping sauces
  • Between Two Tots
  • How old is this podcast anyways?
  • Ross got Burberry glasses!
  • Bifocals vs. progressives vs. bifocal contacts
  • Rope in a can!
  • Wanted: One (or more) mad scientist
  • Mickey's stylish sweater
  • Super puffy D
  • Does everything glow in the daylight?
  • Drip shops
  • Do not freeze the strudel
  • Seeing "Starry Starry Night"
  • Buy Sean Beagan
  • Kiss is from Detroit?!
  • Fuck a wet salad!
  • Weird Bull & Bush t-Shirts
  • Javaris, No
  • UFOs & ghosts
  • RRR - is that a pirate movie? Yes.
  • "The Book of Disquiet"
  • "The Art of War"

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