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The Orlando Talk Show with Ross McCoy

Jun 3, 2019

[The content staff created a joke description post for this episode but the corporate office didn't understand and felt we needed to add a preface telling anyone reading the text that the text was a joke... so uhm... the following is a joke.]

TOTS with Ross brings you the hottest collection of ska, punk, and Florida Swamp metal.

This week's playlist includes hits from these killer bands:
Skull Kingdom
Billion Dollar Tape Ball
Lost Dogs and Racism
Porn in the Woods
Ghost in the VAB
Haunted Trailer
Porno & Knives
Haunted Halloween Horror
Kick Her in the Rib
Gatsby Party feat. Busche Light
30 Inbred Goats
Massacre of Chickens
Rat House Updates

And the newest single from Vegans In The Bush

[I mean seriously Kyle, the joke is that the name of the show is literally TALK SHOW. That's the joke... a talk show wouldn't have a music playlist... DUH. Jackass.]

This is not the platform. Come to my office first thing.