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The Orlando Talk Show with Ross McCoy

May 21, 2023

This hot dish of TOTS takes a more serious turn, after a somewhat chaotic and awkward beginning. This week we welcome Mickey's son, Logan, into the studio. 

On this episode, we learn the story of how Logan got to the point of living his life with a turbo heart and what's next for him - Spoiler Alert -  its a brand new heart!!!! Donate here to help Logan with moving, living and THRIVING expenses for a 23-year old kid who unexpectedly needs a new heart. 

Here's some of the other stuff discussed: 

Again, if you wanna be a part of the team helping Logan get a new heart, the easiest way to do that is donate. We don't expect it, but we do appreciate it so much. Thank y'all for being on team LoKeHo.