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The Orlando Talk Show with Ross McCoy

Feb 5, 2024

We get an open mic and a heart update from Logan and then we're off with another rousing edition of The Orlando Talk Show with Ross McCoy, starring... Carmen Vallone!

Here's what the fellas talked about:

  • Dry January
  • "The Ken Miller of it All"
  • Open mics at bowling alleys
  • Santa Clause with a K
  • Erik Myers
  • Heckling Jamie...

Jan 9, 2024

TOTS with Ross is back for a blustery edition, some folks on the call have snow and others have gloom. Which would you prefer?

The guest: Danielle Mathis

Here's what the crew talked about:

  • Feeling incredibly flammable
  • Garage sale spotlights
  • Curious George Goes to Town at Universal Studios
  • Being a mascot
  • Stuff the Magic...

Nov 10, 2023

There was a subtle shout out to Jake Ricca before the theme song.  This is Logan's first time as the producer of TOTS with Ross.  

Colorado has real East and West vs Florida's.... uhm... directions.  

Five Nights at Freddy's is culturally significant.  Some call it, "Bigger than the moon landing!"

Sausage Castle shout...

Oct 13, 2023

Fresh Hot Tots with Larry Fulford!

He's a comedian, musican and all around neat person with a very creative brain. Here's some of the things we discussed on this exciting episode of podcasting:

  • Having a heart!
  • Seeing ghosts
  • 2009?
  • Falling into the fire
  • Being in a real life Truman Show
  • Designated driver...

Aug 2, 2023

Hey, y'all! Here's a brand new episode of TOTS for ya!! This time the fellas welcomed comedian Kevin Deane into the studio for a fun hour+ of talking and laughing. 

There were other emotions too. 

Here's some of the stuff they covered:

  • Felt octagons
  • DeWitt Jingle Contest - Post your best to the Facebook Group
  • Bryne...