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The Orlando Talk Show with Ross McCoy

May 9, 2024

Ross and Logan are back at it again. This time with a guest from the wilds of New Jersey. 

Please welcome Darren C. Moore into your earholes.

Here's what was discussed:

  • When Ross started doing comedy
  • Pedro Lima
  • Kirk Bonacci
  • Being nice vs. having enemies
  • Los Angeles comedy community
  • Matt Rife
  • Phillies games
  • “If you...

Apr 18, 2024

Taheim Davis -TOTS

Another episode of TOTS, another Colorado comedian. This time it’s Taheim Davis!

Here’s what they talked about:

  • Logan had to go to the hospital
  • Planning your healthcare around comedy
  • Professional cougher
  • Sinus infections
  • Avocado Man
  • How ya poopin’ these days?
  • New York comics
  • Sam Tallent

Apr 4, 2024

Look at this! There is a whole new TOTS with Ross episode with a comedian who is NOT from Florida. On this episode, Ross and Logan welcome Eddie Rojas into the (virtual) studio.

Here are somethings they talked about:

Mar 31, 2024

This episode is more like two, two episodes in one. No, wait, I mean four, four episodes in one. Let me break it down for you. 

There's Logan, Mickey, and, Jacki portion. Then there's a Logan, Mickey, Jacki and, Jolly portion. The,n there's Ross, Logan, and Jolly. Finally, there is a Ross, Logan, Mickey, and...

Mar 1, 2024


-- [the rest of the blog goes here]

This is now Jacki writing the rest of the blog. Ross' guest is Roo Nafasat who is the creator/host/poweroflove behind the Silly Geese Comedy Show in Orlando. Let's see what they talked about:

  • Getting human interaction
  • First time doing comedy
  • The business of comedy
  • Learning from...