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The Orlando Talk Show with Ross McCoy

Mar 23, 2022

Ok, y'all this is so weird, but we had Jack Bradshaw last time and I guess Akeem got jealous, cause now he's back too? (just kidding, we totally asked him)

It's awesome to have him back, though, cause he's got a lot of awesome things happenin' lately.

Ross and Akeem talk about all that and so much more:

Mar 12, 2022

Jack Bradshaw is taking a solo seat today, after doing a dual ep with Akeem Woods when TOTS with Ross was just little baby podcast. Listen to it here

Here's some of the stuff they talked about:

  • Tulsa
  • The Pandemic
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Bane mask
  • Socks
  • HD Radio
  • Jim Phillips
  • The Prize Closet
  • Neil Bortz
  • New Jersey...